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In 2020 the talented team at Xanthe White Design approached us to collaborate on the installation of a lush new garden in Takapuna, and of course we jumped at the opportunity.

The Challenge

A magnificent and unique home with a solid landscape foundation in mature palms, large native trees and an epic pool with island, the challenge was to selectively blend the old and the new. We quickly identified 3 major opportunities with the first being an improvement in soils for the health and longevity of the new garden. The second opportunity was to carefully remove any undesired specimens due to their maturity or position and allow for a more open layout. And finally, we hoped to improve on the existing hardscaping and subsequent functionality of the spaces.

The Challenges

After assessing the existing soil quality it was immediately clear that an extensive hand excavation would be required to allow for fresh living soil and better drainage. The team removed over 15m3 from the site at an average of 100mm in all garden areas and double dug over 200mm deeper. We then turned through a custom Daltons palm mix, with a pumice/sand, topsoil and compost composition and added cleverly located novacoils. We consciously marked all plants to be removed and thinned out the ‘high-line’ of Chinese date and fan palms. The Titoki and Karaka were shaped to maximise light throughout the gardens while maintaining their hugely beneficial screening from surrounding neighbours. Lastly, we worked alongside stonemasons to embellish the garden edges with raised bluestone and replaced, reformed and repainted many small but important elements.

The Wrap

The result of this work is surely evident and we are particularly proud of this project for its seamless integration of old and new. A creatively planted, dense and private garden in the heart of Takapuna without excessive removals or blowing the budget. To this day we have a fantastic relationship with our 'Takapuna retreat’ clients and continue to work alongside XWD to turn their inspirational designs into reality

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