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Shelley Park: Pools and Views

This beautiful property with sweeping views of the Waitematā posed a complex assignment for our team and partners.

The goal was to create a pool and outdoor living space with an unused, steep front lawn that featured broken and falling down retaining walls.

The clients engaged Guy Brackebush (Landscape Architect) who we have collaborated with on a number of projects. Feature Landscapes was then recommended to the client and we began the process of interpreting the detailed plan and working with the client to achieve their desired out come, on budget.

The challenge

A number of challenges existed on this site. These were highlighted during the design phase and proves the importance of having a designer with the skill and experience to recognise these challenges.

A steep site, with multiple level changes, falling down old retaining walls were part of the existing structure. Council services ran through the site on a diagonal. Large amounts of earthworks and removal of existing ground levels.

The challenge was to work with these challenges and still achieve the desired result within budget. Not as easy as it sounds!


A number of solutions were developed through the design process. Full credit to Guy an experienced landscape architect who excels in his field.

A custom concrete pool with a diagonal infinity edge created a unique & modernist look. This was necessary to keep one metre away from the council services.  

A multi level approach with different 'zones' allowed us to minimise the excavation and earthwork removal. Functionally creating and inviting the client to use and explore different parts of their outdoor space in a variety of ways. Privacy and shade, sun and views, a meandering walk through the tropical planting. In this instance a constraint provided an opportunity for the clients to connect with their outdoor space in a unique way.


We think the results speak for themselves! A beautiful, modern, tropical garden with pools and views to soak in the pristine harbour.

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